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Gute Nacht, o Wesen

23 May 2024
 - 31 May 2024

Symphonic Broadway

5 July 2024


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Experience the magic of singing together with your team

Choir at Work is a new initiative by Consensus Vocalis to encourage singing together and its many positive effects within organizations.

The choral singing workshops are led by professional musicians from Consensus Vocalis and are not only designed to learn to sing together, but also provide extra bonding, creativity, health and happiness in the team.

Consensus Vocalis

The professional vocal ensemble Consensus Vocalis gives concerts and performances throughout the country from a solid base in the east of the Netherlands. It has a unique sound that can be recognized in everything: clear, fresh, expressive, intense and full of dedication. From a cappella choral music to symphonic works, from opera to (youth) music theater and from renaissance to contemporary repertoire: Consensus Vocalis is exceptionally versatile.

Imre Ploeg

Composer and conductor Imre Ploeg (1990) is artistic director of Consensus Vocalis and connects (choral) music to other art disciplines and to social developments and initiatives. He graduated summa cum laude from the Music Teacher course at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and was taught by, among others, composers Huub de Vriend and Kurt Bikkembergs and conductors Jos Vermunt, Fokko Oldenhuis and Rob Vermeulen. He also followed the application course for Choir Conducting at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.

Béni Csillag

Béni Csillag is choirmaster of Consensus Vocalis. Béni: ‘From our first collaboration I feel a genuine connection with this great ensemble. For me, the chorus is defined by the intensity and clarity of the choral sound – by the humanity that it expresses. I feel at home in that and it gives me a wonderful foundation to build on, both musically and in the artistic choices we make together for now and the future.

In the press

Orphee – 2024
” Consensus Vocalis weet vanaf de eerste klaagzang tot aan de blije finale niet alleen vocaal te plezieren maar ook te ontroeren. […] Tenor Yaroslav Abaimov verdient alle lof. Hij stort zich vol overgave in de rol van Orphée, die heel hoog ligt, want geschreven voor het tenortype haute-contre. […] Hier ontketent Kristina Bitenc, in de rol van Eurydice, een rauwe intensiteit. Haar doordringende sopraanstem slingert ijzingwekkende wanhoop de zaal in.”
Das Wunder der Heliane – 2023
‘In het derde bedrijf neemt het volk een belangrijke plaats in. Het snakt niet alleen naar bevrijding en naar geluk, het koestert ook groot vertrouwen in de wonderkracht van Heliane. Het koor Consensus Vocalis, ingestudeerd door Andrew Wise, zong virtuoos de heftige partijen en drukte acterend een waaier aan expressies uit. […] Tot in de kleinste rollen is de vocale bezetting van voortreffelijke kwaliteit.’
Place de l'Opera
Lev – 2019, Theater Sonnevanck en Silbersee – ‘Convincing plea’
‘Sonnevanck and Silbersee once again present a convincing plea for music theatre for everyone, and thanks to the contribution of Consensus Vocalis, the group scenes immediately involve the entire audience.’
De Messiah – ‘Verbinden doe je zo!’
‘Het Orkest van het Oosten, Nederlandse Reisopera en het eveneens uit Overijssel afkomstige koor Consensus Vocalis gaven een hartverwarmende uitvoering van de Messiah. Orkest, opera en koor verbonden niet alleen het publiek aan zich, maar maakten dat publiek nadrukkelijk deel van de uitvoering.’
Cultureel persbureau
Bruid te Koop! – 2022
‘The excellent choir Consensus Vocalis could be followed verbatim, and the fact that the choir members also felt at home in André de Jong’s choreography was a pleasant bonus.’
Bruid te Koop! – 2022
‘A palm of honor goes to the fantastic and very intelligible singing choir Consensus Vocalis.’
Place de l’Opéra

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