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Meezing Messiah in Carré 2022

11 December 2022
 - 11 December 2022

Kerstconcert met Mahlers Derde symfonie

16 December 2022
 - 26 December 2022


19 May 2022
 - 27 January 2023

Auditions 5th & 12th December 2022 for Korngold’s Das Wunder der Heliane

In Autumn 2023 the Dutch National Touring Opera will be presenting a new, scaled-down production of Korngold’s opera Das Wunder der Heliane. This jewel of the dramatic opera repertoire has never before been staged in Holland and this new version is in fact a world première! Consensus Vocalis, a professional vocal ensemble based in Enschede (NL), has been invited to provide a ‘Korngold’-chorus of 40-48 singers to sing this beautiful and demanding score. Interested in joining the choir? Come audition!

About Consensus Vocalis

The professional vocal ensemble Consensus Vocalis gives concerts and performances throughout the country from a solid base in the east of the Netherlands. It has a unique sound that can be recognized in everything: clear, fresh, expressive, intense and full of dedication. From a cappella choral music to symphonic works, from opera to (youth) music theater and from renaissance to contemporary repertoire: Consensus Vocalis is exceptionally versatile.

Béni Csillag

Béni Csillag is artistic director and choirmaster of Consensus Vocalis. Béni: ‘From our first collaboration I feel a genuine connection with this great ensemble. For me, the chorus is defined by the intensity and clarity of the choral sound – by the humanity that it expresses. I feel at home in that and it gives me a wonderful foundation to build on, both musically and in the artistic choices we make together for now and the future.

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Het Parool
Nieuwjaarsconcert Concertgebouw – 2020
‘The members of the NBE, supplemented by Consensus Vocalis and many dozens of singers from very diverse choirs, were spread over three floors on the stage – a wonderfully colorful group that performed ditto music from all over the world.’
Bruid te Koop! – 2022
‘The excellent choir Consensus Vocalis could be followed verbatim, and the fact that the choir members also felt at home in André de Jong’s choreography was a pleasant bonus.’
Bruid te Koop! – 2022
‘Flashy choral scenes ignited by spring fever and strong vocal performances.’
Place de l’Opéra
Bruid te Koop! – 2022
‘A palm of honor goes to the fantastic and very intelligible singing choir Consensus Vocalis.’
Bruid te Koop! – 2022
‘The excellent choir Consensus Vocalis sings and dances, while also withstanding the choreographies to those dances very well.’’
Wonderful Town – 2019
‘The Consensus Vocalis choir, which rehearsed under the direction of Alistair Digges, nevertheless stole the show with the glowing serenade ‘My darlin’ Eileen’. During the party song ‘Conga’, the choir members also turned out to have more than meritorious dance moves.’