The Consensus Vocalis Foundation has been designated by the Tax Authorities as a cultural public benefit institution (ANBI). This cultural ANBI status is stimulated by the government with attractive tax schemes. For example, it is possible to donate or leave money without having to pay tax on it. The information below gives you, as a (possible) sponsor or donor, insight into the functioning of the Consensus Vocalis Foundation.

Statutory name

Stichting Consensus Vocalis




The Consensus Vocalis Foundation aims, in accordance with article 2 paragraph 1 of its statutes, to promote and develop choral singing. The foundation tries to achieve its goal, among other things, by bringing together and keeping a high-quality vocal ensemble together, giving concerts and organizing them on a project basis, developing educational activities, including organizing (singing) courses, workshops, etcetera, making connections between professional and amateur choral singing.

Compensation Policy

The board members do not receive any compensation for their work. Costs incurred by directors in the performance of their duties are reimbursed by the foundation.

Financial responsibility (Dutch)

Jaarrekening 2023 met toelichting

Jaarrekening 2022 met toelichting

Jaarrekening 2021 met toelichting

Jaarrekening 2020 met toelichting

Jaarrekening 2019 met toelichting

Jaarrekening 2018 met toelichting

Jaarrekening 2017 met toelichting

Jaarrekening 2016 met toelichting

Jaarrekeningen 2012-2014 met toelichting

Activity reports (Dutch)

Activiteitenverslag 2018

Activiteitenverslag 2017

Activiteitenverslag 2016

General email address

[email protected]

Postal address

Hooiraamhoek 66
7546 MB Enschede
The Netherlands


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