Director: Francis Faas


Artistic Director: Béni Csillag

[email protected]

General Production Manager: Dagmara Siuty

[email protected]

PR/Marketing: Imke Muriël van Herk

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Chair: Henk Vos

Additional positions
Co-partner VOF XXaPP te Twello, 2008-now
Secretary Zon op gemeentehuis coöperatie UA te Voorst, 2015-now
Chair Platform Deventer Kunstenaars te Deventer, 2016-now
Chair (non-active) foundation Vocaal Ensemble Capella Isalana
Chair (non-active) foundation Nederlandse Kooracademie

Treasurer: Wim Boomkamp

Additional positions
Chairman of the supervisory board Dimence Groep, instelling voor GGZ
Chairman of the supervisory board Rijksmuseum Twente en De Museum Fabriek
Chairman of the foundation board FC Twente ’65
Member of the supervisory board ROC Aventus
Board member 1Twente, lokale omroep Enschede
Advisory board member ‘Orange Knowledge Programme’
Chairman of the board of impartiality Hobeon, certificering
Vice Chair of the supervisory board International Boarding School Eerde
Vice-Chair of the supervisory board Woningcorporatie Beter Wonen Almelo
Member of the Supervisory Board Aqua +, high tech sprinklers
Member of the Advisory Board CITO-groep, Hbo and Bve
Chair Twente Board

Secretary: Josee Ligteringen

Additional positions
Deputy council clerk municipality Enschede
Boardmember Vereniging van Eigenaren Tetem I

Member: Anneke Beukers

Additional positions
Owner AnnekeBeukersAdvies
Chair College Noordelijke Rekenkamer
Supervisory board member Hogeschool Stenden/NHL (March 2020)
Supervisory board member Natuur en Milieu Overijssel
Boardmember stichting “Kunstwegen”
Boardmember Gewest Overijssel PvdA
Advisory board Recreatief Roeien KNRB
Advisory board “Genius Loci” (op afroep)

Member: Jannette Beuving

Additional positions
Until 2018 member of the Senate
Until early 2022 Councilor in the Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court
Member of the PvdA nomination committee for the 2023 senate elections

Culture Governance Code

The foundation stands for a transparent structure and policy. The organizational requirements of the Culture Governance Code are leading in the organization and changes at the administrative level. For example, the foundation has a phased retirement schedule for the board and it is alert and transparent with regard to potential conflicts of interest and integrity issues. Reappointment will take place with due observance of the profile and current circumstances. Recruitment is publicly available for board vacancies. The board does not receive any compensation.

The tasks and responsibilities of the board and day-to-day management of Consensus Vocalis are clearly described in a management statute. The board is developing from a working board to a remote board, while at the same time professionalizing the organization. This development also includes regular reflection on the most desired organizational model.

Consensus Vocalis has a choir committee (chosen from and by the choir members) that gives solicited and unsolicited advice.

Collaboration partners


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ANBI status

The foundation Consensus Vocalis has been designated by the tax authorities as a cultural public benefit institution

‘The productions that Consensus Vocalis creates, which often involve exciting and innovative programs and the collaborations that the choir enters into, are a wonderful example for our students of what their professional practice can look like and therefore extremely instructive to experience up close. ‘’ 

Ati Gottschal
Head Classical Music ArtEZ Conservatorium 

The choir is always the supporting core of our performances. You could say that Consensus Vocalis has stimulated the Twentse Matthäus Passion Foundation to raise the quality bar to a very high level.

Albertjan Peters
Former chair STMP

We love to hear from you

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Béni Csillag, artistic director
Francis Faas, director